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NPI Lookup – NPI Registry Lookup


It is an online query system that allows users to search for a healthcare provider’s information.

What is NPI Registry Lookup?

It is an online tool that validates NPI numbers and determines NPI record which includes public records, like the provider’s name, specialty (taxonomy) and practice address. using our extensive database.

An NPI is a 10-digit unique identification number in the united state of America(USA) for healthcare providers,which are used to send health information electronically.

What is a National Provider Identifier?

An NPI is a 10-digit unique identification number in the United state of America for health care providers, which are used to send health information electronically.

All healthcare providers, health plans, and clearing houses use NPI numbers in their administrative and financial transactions and they do not have the right to change regardless of job or location.

The NPI aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission by allowing providers and business entities to submit the same identification number(s) to all the payers, such as insurance plans, clearinghouses, systems vendors, as well as billing services.

NPI Numbers provided to –

  • Individual Service Providers – It is given to Doctors, Physicians, chiropractors, dentists, Nurse practitioners, and others.
  • Business or organization – It is allocated to health care supplies such as hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, pharmacies, and home health care agencies.

Purpose of Having an NPI Number

  • It is a 10 digit number that represent an Individual or an organization that practices in medical field.

Types of NPI Numbers

  1. Individual National Provider Identifier

It is provided to a sole proprietor or an individual health care provider. Such as private clinics. EIN (Employer identification number) need for applying an Individual NPI number that includes the business taxation.

  1. Group National Provider identifier

Group NPI was introduced for working and managing the patient data by the health care providers in a team of hospitals. It could manage the data and create superbills for the patients.

The Group NPI is now essential for every health care sector because it makes easy cloud base management as well as it protects the patient’s information.

What is NPI Lookup?

NPI Lookup is a free online tool that provides you complete details of your NPI number and finds your NIP number by using your details.

Our NPI lookup tool consists a huge NPI registry database updated daily with new NPI numbers and deactivated NPI numbers using NPPES NPI Registry APIs.

Since 2007, millions of people have used NPI Number Lookup for information on Doctors & Physicians, Groups & Organizations.

Our NPI Database can search the NPI number registry to find information the required information about healthcare providers, including Organization name, doctor name, Taxonomy Code, Specialization, Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

It gives you the NPI records of –


Chiropractors Ambulance Companies

Dentists Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

Nurses Home Health Agencies (HHAs)

Pharmacists Hospitals

Physical Therapists Laboratories

Physicians Nursing Homes

Psychologists Residential Treatment Centers

NPI Lookup Tool

  • NPI Number
  • NAME

NO Data Found

NPI Number


How does the NPI Lookup work?

As NPI lookup is a vast database collection, it is essential to complete the forms or enter any of the following details to find the NPI records.

  • Name (It returns all NPI records that match with names)
  • Organization name (search will return all NPI registered organizations featuring these words)
  • An NPI number (search will return the record for that exact number)

It provides the following details as a result –

  • Practitioner or organization’s information
  • Name
  • NPI Number
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Area of Medicine

It is an easy-access tool for obtaining the necessary information about medical practitioners and individuals to quickly complete their Medicare and Medicaid application and claims forms without missing any of the details.

How to Keep your NPI Number Private?

If your NPI is stolen, you may be provided millions of dollars in fraudulent claims or hundreds of phony prescriptions before you or anybody else recognizes what has occurred.

If this happens, you may be the subject of a government investigation to rule you out as a suspect and discover if you are responsible for the fraud.

While the inquiry is underway, the CMS will likely stop paying you. This may badly impact your money, reputation, and, as a result, your career.

However, you can perform a few preventive steps right now to avoid having your NPI stolen and perhaps also to prevent large-scale healthcare fraud.

Keep an eye on your surroundings. Be careful while disclosing your NPI. If you tell your NPI loudly, be wary of who is using it and for what purpose.

Benefits of NPI Number

Following are the list of benefits of using NPI number.


It helps to find doctors, specialists, nurse practitioners, hospitals, labs, and more.


It saves your valuable time and provides all the correct details on your claims.


Electronic transmission of HIPAA standard transactions.


Keeps and updates information about health care providers with NPI.


Keep track of health plan payments.